Drilling companies are looking for new places to dump their waste

Fracking operations expand closer to Connecticut each year. Right now the industry is pushing hard to start fracking just over our border in New York. With more and more fracking happening, the industry is desperately trying to figure out where to put all the waste it produces—more than 1 billion gallons in Pennsylvania alone so far. As fracking approaches our borders, the industry could soon be eyeing Connecticut as a convenient dumping ground.

We’re working to protect our rivers and the Sound

We’ve worked hard to cut pollution flowing into the Sound and cracked down on the dumping of waste in all our waters. Now is no time to take a giant step backward by letting companies dump their fracking waste in Connecticut.

They’re already shipping their Pennsylvania waste into neighboring states and when they start fracking in New York, they’re likely to look just over the border to Connecticut and other New England states for new dumping grounds. If we allow frackers to dump here, much of the waste could end up in our rivers and ultimately Long Island Sound. The waste is often still laced with toxic chemicals and even radioactive particles.

We won a three-year moratorium, but our work isn’t done

This spring, our efforts helped pass a three-year moratorium on dumping fracking waste in Connecticut. But now, more effort is needed to strengthen the law and keep toxic fracking waste out of Connecticut permanently.

Vermont has already banned toxic fracking waste. Massachusetts is considering a ban. Connecticut should take further action now, before fracking waste starts flowing over our border.

Together, we can keep fracking waste out of Connecticut

Members and supporters like you make it possible for our staff to organize the kind of grassroots campaign necessary to convince our legislators in Hartford to say NO to dumping toxic fracking waste in Connecticut—for good. Join our campaign and take action to protect Connecticut's waters from fracking waste. 

Issue updates

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CT Legislature Passes Toxic Fracking Waste Moratorium

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