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Clean water groups highlight progress for Connecticut’s waters, call for more success stories

Following the 42nd anniversary of the Clean Water Act, a new report tells the story of how the bedrock environmental law has helped to restore and protect Connecticut’s waters by mandating public input before the renewal of pollution discharge permits. 

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Report: U.S. power plants world’s 3rd largest carbon polluters, edging out India

As world leaders prepare to gather here for the United Nations Climate Summit next week, a new study shows that U.S. power plants alone produce more carbon pollution than the entire economies of India, Russia, Japan or any other nation besides China.

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EPA proposes first-ever nationwide limits on carbon pollution from power plants

On Monday, June 2, 2014 the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the first-ever, federal limits on carbon pollution from power plants, the largest single source of global warming pollution in America.

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Environment Connecticut and our allies applauded Governor Malloy’s veto of a bill that could have allowed a fishing season for glass eels, the juvenile form of the American eel. The American Eel is currently under consideration by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a candidate for the Endangered Species list.

News Release | Environment Connecticut

Connecticut Charging Ahead toward Electric Cars

On May 29, Connecticut and 7 other states unveiled a plan to put over 3 million electric cars on the road within 12 years.