Virtual Earth Day Discussion Questions

Last updated: 4/13/2020

Use these discussion questions with your classroom after students do one of these activities.

Grades K-3

Learning about plants: Nature self-portrait

  • What are some of the plants that grow in your backyard?

  • What are some of the animals that live around your house and neighborhood?

  • How can we help take care of the earth? 


Grades 4-6

Reducing waste: Making a reusable bag out of a t-shirt

  • Where does our trash go when we throw it away?

  • What are other things in your home that you can reuse and turn into new projects?

  • How can we help reduce trash in our homes, schools and community?


Grades 7-12

Saving energy: Making your home more energy efficient 

  • What are ways that you can reduce energy use in your home today?

  • What are other ways you can reduce energy use?  

  • What are some ways your community, state or businesses you go to are reducing energy waste?

  • How else can our communities cut down on energy use?

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